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Why choose our school?

Boyne Island State School is now an Independent Public School


The changes associated with being an Independent Public School (IPS) are:

  1.  Influence over the selection and mix of staffing – (already a successful outcome starting the year with personnel the school had some say in selecting)
  2. Resourcing - $50,000 already banked and another $50,000 coming this year. Awaiting School Council to inform on its allocation.
  3. Governance – A School Council will be formed with input from parents, staff and co-opted people who will bring a skill base to the strategic direction of the school. The school should become 'owned' and directed by our community.
  4. Innovation – the freedom to try new things or say no to the things that impede our core business.


If the home-school partnership is strong and we trust the endeavours of the school, the positive attitudes to learning will be crucially formed in our students.